Cait, Jenny, and Weezie are three friends who share a love for learning and all things fiber related.

We can be found on our Ravelry group, Charmed Knits, and on Instagram as charmedknitspodcast!

Weezie works in customer service at a patio furniture company, where people get really upset when their tiles are chipped. She deals with the stress of this by dreaming of knitting all the things, and only knitting a tiny portion of them. She is a proud owner of Schacht Ladybug and many fleeces that are trying to overpower her small apartment. She lives with her partner, who thankfully deals with the stash, even though he didn’t know what he was signing up for, and the cutest dog ever. She is also an active participant in the Harry Potter Knit and and Crochet House Cup (and a proud Hufflepuff!), along with Sock Madness, Spin the Bin, and Ilvermorney School. Oof. This is all Cait’s fault. She can be contacted at, is on Ravelry as oreostellacharlie, and Instagram as weez2610.

Jenny is an engineer mom of three with not nearly enough time to do all of the things. Her tendency to both do now plan later! and also exhaustively research all the things, and her complete and utter lack of pokerface are legendary! Her hobbies include knitting, spinning, running, gardening, reading, cooking, baking, and collecting hobbies. She’s currently in her first term in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry, and will be participating in Sock Madness for the second year. And Spin the Bin. And maybe Tour de Fleece. Proud owner of a Kromski Minstrel which frequently squeaks and drives her husband bonkers. She can be contacted at, is on Ravelry as bolshevikMuppet and Instagram as bolshevik_muppet.

Cait is a stay at home mom slowly losing her mind because of her *ahem* ADORABLE toddlers. The cat doesn’t help things, either. Regardless, she finds time to do some sort of fiber related activity every day, usually to the detriment of the kitchen’s cleanliness. Hey, nothing can be perfect, so… Anyway, she’s been active in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry for many years now, participates in various other Ravelry based games (such as Sock Madness and Tour de Fleece) and has recently discovered Instagram (what a rabbit hole!) Proud owner of a Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel and Pat Green drum carder, both second hand, of course, and slowly being buried under fleece, she should really do more fiber prep and, OOH, are those dye colors? Whee! Bit of a nut, really. She can be contacted at, is on Ravelry as ciri, and Instagram as seeciriknit.


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